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About Us

Artistically Connected. The easy way to buy or sell art.

Artistically Connected makes it easy to buy art or sell art online free. It is completely free to join and we do not charge commissions or limit the amount of art you can list.

Originally founded as an art brokerage, Artistically Connected quickly transformed to an on-line platform for people to sell their art. With the online art market growing at a tremendous rate and the desire for buyers to browse through more options at different price points, we thought to ourselves, why not make it free and enable anyone that has fine art to sell to list it and sell it.

Since starting in 2009, people all over North America have relied on Artistically Connected as their source for buying and selling art.  Now, as an on-line community, we are dedicated to providing you the latest art trends, artist calls and hope to give you the widest range of available art.

Buy or sell original paintings, gallery style photography, prints and mixed media with a simple click of a button.

We encourage you to explore the wonderful artwork available to buy and if you have any comments or questions, we would love to hear from you.




As the founder of Artistically Connected I am passionate about art and business. I enjoy working with artists at all stages of their craft and learning along the way.